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Not just the watches; we are about the community!

My name is Hafiz J Mehmood, and I created Calibre24 purely out of passion and love for watches and the commitment to serve the Australian Watch communities – the communities that I have dedicated many years of commitment building, growing and protecting. 

I also create videos on Youtube, and by now I have invested over 3000 hours in producing hundreds of videos on watches to educate fellow watch enthusiasts, my communities and share the knowledge.

(channel link:

With every purchase you make from Calibre24, you’re not just supporting an Australian business, watch educator and enthusiast, but also the admin of these amazing watch communities of over 100,000 members collectively (and counting). 

Calibre24 is all about offering its customers an avenue for watch sales, purchases, trade and consignment for not just the best prices, availability, safe shipping and sourcing of your desired pieces but also peace of mind and fuss-free experience. 

We are committed to offering the best in the business experience, prices and memories to you in your journey to watch collecting, watch admiring, watch appreciating and watch talking. 

We are primarily a consignment platform and most of the watches listed for sale are consigned watches too. If you have a watch to purchase that's not listed on our website; or you simply want to sell, trade or consign it with us, send us a message and let's talk.

Thank you for visiting Calibre24, and especially your support and trust in Calibre24. 

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