Commitment to Excellence

A Professional Mechanical Engineer by qualification and having worked in some of the renowned Oil & Gas organisations globally for close to two decades, I gave up my engineering profession to turn my passion and love for watches and fine watchmaking into a new career.

Having an admiration and appreciation for watches, I remember stopping by and staring at watches in every shop even in my childhood, ending up with a collection of some really lovely watches even as a kid – thanks to my very loving mom. When I graduated in Mechanical Engineering, my mom gifted me my first luxury watch, which was Tissot PRC-200, a Michael Owen limited edition, which I loved and enjoyed for many years — a milestone timepiece I still have to date — until I started earning from my first job enough to save and make my way for my first Tag Heuer Aquaracer, and then Tissot T-Complication Squelette. It took me another few years before I purchased a Tudor Pelagos in blue which I wore for a full year and every day of the week, before I purchased my first Rolex, which was the Rolex GMT Master 116710LN.

When I bought my first Rolex, that’s exactly when I created my first video on YouTube showing how the 40mm Rolex GMT LN looked on my 6.5” wrist – an informational video I did to share the watch wearability – a content that I couldn’t find for myself when I needed it.

After this first Rolex and my first video on YouTube many year ago, things have not stopped and I had another Rolex soon after, another video, and then another watch, another video to grow to where I am in my life today having spent more than 5000 hours in just creating content and producing videos on YouTube for the last 7+ years, and sold thousands of watches across Australia and beyond to watch enthusiasts for around the same time period.

In 2024 I decided to leave behind my entire decades-long mechanical engineering career and go full time into watches, to not just chase my own dreams, but also to make the dreams of other watch enthusiasts happen – and Calibre24 is where this starts.

The most important thing to me is integrity, honesty and transparency and we go to extended measures to ensure that we deliver not just the best watches and experiences, but also the best in the business services to our customers. For the same reason, we perform rigorous testing and verification on every watch we have, to not just ensure authenticity but also the acceptable timekeeping and performance.

Our inventory comes variously from individuals and collectors who sell outright, and mostly from our trusted dealer network as well as clients availing themselves of our expertise to trade in their watches for something new. We welcome trade-ins and we are regarded for offering the highest and fairest values to our customers. Every watch in our inventory is ready for immediate shipment overnight and fully insured, and we provide a Guarantee of Authenticity for every watch we sell, tracked by its serial number.

Since 2017, I’ve helped thousands of customers — many of whom have become great friends — to find the perfect and their dream timepieces and build incredible collections. It has been a great pleasure to serve our clients and we enthusiastically look forward to helping even more of you to realise your passion and love for horology and fine watchmaking — where art meets engineering and excellence.

Hafiz J Mehmood