Returns Policy

Buy with peace of mind, and confidence when purchasing from us. You may return new, unopened, unworn, unaltered items for a full refund within 03 days after delivery to you (excluding shipping and handling charges), minus a restocking fee of 15%.

If you received the item that is not in the condition as advertised or consistent with how we described it, or if it was damaged in transit, you can report an issue within 01 day of delivery date and return it to us, and receive a full price refund (please note that if you are paying by card, the card processing fee is not refundable).

Returns are subject to a Calibre24 Returns Authorization; shipments returned without authorisation will not be accepted. Please return items within 03 days of when we delivered it to you, in the same condition, unworn and with the same accessories as purchased, with online purchases. If the condition of the item changes from how we sold it to you, we cannot accept the return, irrespective of it being returned to us within the above stated timelines. If you report issues after 03 days from the date when we delivered the item to you, we cannot accept returns, unless you negotiated this timeframe with us and we agreed to this, prior to the delivery.

Returns are not accepted for a change of mind or incorrect decision. We may issue you a store credit for such returns after a deduction of a 15% restocking fee.

International Orders
Items sent to an address outside of Australia are final and cannot be returned.