Patek Philippe Calatrava 6119R: where dressiness meets timelessness

In the dressy world of watches, it’s hard to beat a Patek Philippe Calatrava in general. And then with 6119R that mixes together and showcases all the perfect attributes for how a dress watch is envisaged to look like, it’s almost not possible to fall for it.

What makes the 6119R really very special and interesting from the rest is that very interesting, and very beautiful bezel. If you’ve seen the 6119R play its magic with the elegant reflections of light upon the flick of wrist, its the bezel that has small pyramid shaped, pointed edges making it not just an incredible watch to behold and admire, but also a unique timepiece to experience.

This is perfectly complemented with the chamfered edged hour indices, with those gorgeously pointed edges, all decorated in rose gold.

Combine all the elements in a case size of 39mm and the case thickness of only 8mm, and you have a watch that almost decorates the wrist for basically any day and every day.

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