So how Green is the Green Cartier Santos WSSA0062?

Rolex Hulk is where arguably the craze for the green dials originated from. And now we are in the times, where we have a green dial in basically every popular watch model you see today.

Cartier showed their green dial in the Santos range, in their own shade of green which is interesting, subtle and elegant – all at the same time.

It’s neither a flashy green like you see on Rolex Submariner, nor a very understated green as you see in the Rolex Mint Green Datejust. And you really need the right light and the right angle to bring out those hues and allow the dial to do the magic.

And in the most lighting, you’d see it sit elegantly under the radar both in terms of its dial colour, and also the size of the watch.

If you’re wondering that the large case model Santos will wear too large, it actually doesn’t, and even on smaller-is 6.5″ wrist, it wears more like a not-so-large- watch.

Keen to checkout more wrist shots, and high-resolution 4K images of it, check out our detailed review on it linked below:

What do you think about the shade of green Cartier chose for this model? Yay or Nay?

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