What is Rolex Azzurro Blue?

Ever wondered what does Rolex Azzurro blue mean or how different is it from the standard blue dial in the Datejust range?

The word Azzurro comes from Azure which is the colour between cyan and blue on the spectrum of visible light. It is often described as the colour of the sky on a clear day. So may be, a more appropriate name for Azzuro blue dial datejust is “Sky“ blue.

And as the Sky Blue name would suggest, it’s a light blue shade of dial, and much lighter than you see on the standard Rolex Datejust models.

For reference, see below photo of it side by side with the standard blue DJ, and you can almost feel like the latter looks almost like black (which it isn’t and is only the darker shade of blue of the two).

Another interesting character of Azzurro Blue DJ is the Roman numerals, which give it its own looks and character. Although they naturally don’t change the shade of the dial, so let‘s may be discuss more about it, another day.

Needless to say, the standard blue in DJ is a timeless classic, and you simply can’t go wrong with it either – is there even a Rolex DJ that you can go wrong with?

We have both of these examples available for sale, so reach out to us if you’re keen on either of them.



And while we’re at it, amongst the two, the standard and the Azzurro blue DJ, which one is your pick and why in the comments below.

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